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I have practiced interior design at around five different countries, and I had been asked the question several times! "Why do I hire an interior designer? I already have my own taste, and I know what I want!!"

I remember back in the days, in one of the reigns I worked at, there was two ways to design your house!

One was by asking the guy who is painting our house, the carpenter, the master electrician, the plumber, or any one working in your house even the handy man fixing your kitchen faucet.

Some of those used to call themselves designers, and trust me some of them used to call themselves architects!!

The other way was by the same people above, but with a different approach!

This way is more about labor marketing each other when the home owner asks the plumber about his opinion and he tell him that his friend is a painter, and he has an eye.

Or when the home owner again ask the electrician if he knows a designer, and the answer is always "Save your money, I know a carpenter who is a designer by nature"

I am sure that It sounds horrible talking bad about those who translate our designs from ideas on papers into reality, but this was not the intention!

With full respect to all contractors, labors, and professionals, whom they play the biggest role in our business, and without them we will not even have a business, but the idea here is to direct the spot light on the importance of hiring a professional designer, and what are the values they add to the projects.

As we said, each member plays important role in any business, and the interior designer role in the construction and remodeling industry is one of the biggest roles that is considered as the fingerprint of the project!

The history of interior design had started with the existence of the being there's!

How a medicine school will exist without sickness, or engineering without physics?

Everything around us has principles, and the principle of interior design is ART, so interior design is as old as ART is that started 25,000 years BC.

When we look around, we see how beautiful life is! All the colors around us, the shapes, the spaces we live in, then we wonder if that came up coincidentally, or there is a standards behind all that?

Everyone defines that Leonardo Da Vinci as an artist, and this is true with no doubt, but the side that most people know about him is that ha was one of the biggest scientists during the High Renaissance era, and he added a huge value as an engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor, and he was representing his inventions by sketching, painting and drawing.

All what I am trying to say is that interior design is as important as any other profession that has history, theory, studies and standards that we depend on to come up with a nice design, and good looking living space.

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