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European Kitchen Design!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Which cabinets style is more popular in the US?

Traditional VS Contemporary

A question that been asked several times during every design consultation!

People are still hesitant about taking the step to change their design style, Some are with, and the others are against, specially when it comes to the kitchen renovation.

So to get some answers to all the questions that we got, we had to drop that in the design industry lap and see what others think of it!!

Our question was:

"I do lots of kitchen remodeling during the year, and I figured that most people started to like the European flat cabinets, but still not fully comfortable to use them in their kitchen.

What is the main reason in your opinion?

I am really interested to hear your thoughts, and listen to your stories on that?"

Some of the answers:

_ " I happen to always like flat panel cabinets for my own home and often for clients since I do mostly contemporary design in my kitchen designs . If your clients are asking if they are the right choice IMO it depends on the clients style overall. I like them because they are easy to clean look great and no little places where dirt gets stuck. I think you need to be guided by the clients overall style and make sure they are not making this choice without thought .

_ "It would be better if you - as a remodeler and Interior Design firm - specified what you call “traditional”. Do you mean inset, full overlay, or partial overlay?

I think what you are seeing when you say ”not fully comfortable” must be regional. In my area, frameless cabinets (we don’t call them “European” in my area) are common and popular for their clean look and additional interior space. People do not want cabinets with the stiles that they had in their house growing up. If they want a traditional look, they choose inset cabinets for their kitchens. Tract builders will install full overlay cabinets which are less expensive. I never see partial overlay cabinets in new construction or in kitchen renovations, only in older kitchens."

_ And our opinion at MA Custom Luxe was kind of similar to most of them, but the only thing that no one mentioned about the case, is that the differences between cultures and design taste of each one.

We always believe that cultures plays that biggest role in the design industry.

But do you think that the culture was the only factor, or the only influencer to the design industry switch?

Yes you are right if you are thinking that the openness in the market place through the internet and the social media made people see more of what is happening at the other side of the fence, and the new way of marketing using the social media influencers.

But I still think that there should be more reasons that make people want to change!

Yes, of course, the age group is one of those reasons, you still see older people that are not really interested in this switch from traditional design to full contemporary style, and that's why you here them saying "This is too contemporary for me" and of course we totally respect that, as we said earlier, each person has hi/her own design taste, and what looks nice and good to me might not take your attention!! so here where the "Transitional style" jumped to make it easy for others who are still hesitant and refusing the new changes.

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